How to Live on Tokopedia

How to Live on Tokopedia

For those of you who have a business at Tokopedia, there is nothing wrong if you want to pick up the ball. Because people – people will not know our products if we do not visit. Picking up the ball can be called a door-to-door trick, but it’s different. If you live on Tokopedia, of course, you can reach users throughout Indonesia anywhere for active Tokopedia users. How to Live on Tokopedia

Can you imagine if only 10 thousand people opened a Tokopedia account, of course, how many sales could be achieved in that day alone? But those of you who will live on Tokopedia must know the time. Of course, understanding market hours will make it easier for you to invite buyers to do shopping. For those of you who are new users at Tokopedia, you don’t need to worry, here’s how to live on Tokopedia.

Login to Tokopedia Account

Warungwahana168 – If you are a seller at Tokopedia, of course, there are 2 apps that you download where one app contains your selling products and the other contains the sales of all sellers at Tokopedia. Of course, when you are going to do live streaming on Tokopedia, you have to choose a Tokopedia account only.

Select Feed
After you enter the Feed category on the left side of the Tokopedia homepage, you will find which sellers are currently updating. But if you look in more detail you will find a plus symbol (+) on the right side that says Create Content. But because you want to do life then what you have to choose is to make it live.

Enter Live

When you are going to live you must write an interesting title when going live, so that viewers who visit the feed can read what programs or promos from your life that day. The second step is that you deliver the best show during the show. Cover will be very influential on visitors. The more attractive the media cover, the more likely your store will be visited by many viewers.

How to Live on Tokopedia
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Another thing is to include products that do give a good impression or products that are currently being promoted. Usually, Tokopedia will provide approximately 30 products that will be used as life-streaming material. And if everything is ready then you can arrange a live schedule. If you want to live then you have to press the red button on the screen. But if you want to live 1 hour or 4 hours ahead it doesn’t matter, because it can be used as a good marketing trick.


All the things that you have prepared in doing live streaming, of course, must be done optimally. Because your goal of doing a live isn’t just to show off your body or face. Some products must be sold in order for you to cover operating costs. The life event is in progress, preparing the product to be broadcast.. Not a few people are after low prices even though the product they are looking for is not necessarily available. If there is something you don’t understand in this explanation, then you can ask Tokopedia for help directly. Together with Tokopedia, everything will be helped until you get a satisfactory answer.