Blibli features

Blibli features

Blibli features

It turns out that the Blibli feature can make you addicted and keep buying products non-stop. Blibli is an online selling site that is often used by many people. Blibli is also the first media to present a feature for subscriptions. This feature makes it easy for you to shop for your daily needs.

Makes you get a lot of cheap prices when you become a loyal customer. In a time when many people cannot leave their homes, Bblibli actually allows everyone to shop more economically. A feature that makes many people even happier and keeps shopping on the Blibli app.

How to use the new features

Warungwahana168 – Features that provide lots of low prices by issuing cheap discounts and providing a free shipping system. Who would refuse free shipping? There isn’t any. All those who get customer features will become even more crazy shopping just by getting the free shipping system.

To be able to get customer features, you can use the following ways, namely:

easy payment system//steps to use the feature
  • Enter the Blibli application
  • Select Blibli mart
  • After entering the Blibbli Mart, select the subscription
  • Entering your subscription can select the product you want
  • You can set the subscription package that you want to use, there are options such as monthly or weekly
  • Also, determine the shopping value that you want to use on the subscription
  • After you have finished selecting the product, you can check out and select the payment system that you want.
  • At Blibli, there are several payment systems that you can use, such as credit cards, e-money, and others.
  • The payment system is made before sending the goods. Four days before the item is shipped
  • And the goods will come four days later
  • But the arrival of goods can also be seen from the location and place of residence of the customer

With this feature, you can shop easily. Goods arrived quickly and safely. You can also make a payment system easily, just by choosing an application that works with Blibli.