Google Features

Google Features

Google Features

Google is a search engine that is often used. Using google then you like to see the world. Google is not just information through writing but in the form of pictures and videos. Using Google, of course, it’s not only around what you can see, but you can reach the whole world in minutes or even seconds. For those of you who are looking for information through Google, you can use Google’s features.

Here are the Google features

Google Trends – Warungwahan168

Google trend is a feature that will find out the latest developments in real-time. Using google trends you can browse what’s new in web searches and youtube.


Google can also help you change the language from the one you use to the search language. Those of you who lack language don’t need to worry because with Google Translate you can understand any language very easily. You can be sure that Google Translate has provided various languages so you can track it down yourself.

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Nearest location

Google is able to find the closest location to what you are looking for. If you type in a Google search about a pharmacy or restaurant, of course later there will be a nearby location that will inform you. The closest location will of course be very detailed with information such as pictures, addresses, and telephone numbers.


On Google, there is a YouTube feature. Those of you who are going to watch videos or are going to be creators can, of course, choose YouTube as the best place to share creations with each other.


Even though in a Google search you can enter e-commerce, in Google there is a sale or purchase of goods. When you open shopping on Google, you can see the various types of products being sold and the prices will be listed.

Some of these features from Google are often used by many people, but there are still some people who don’t understand Google’s features. The more convenience there is from Google, the more you can find interesting information.