Google play store features

Google play store features

Google play store features

The features of the google play store are very diverse. When you get a new cellphone, of course, it hasn’t been filled with any applications, right? To be able to fill out the application, all you have to do is fill in your internet data and open the Google Play Store application. When you start opening it, you will be presented with several interesting features.

There are many types of games that you can choose from. From children’s games to adult teen games, there are also games. In addition to games, you can also find several applications that help your daily needs such as WA, YouTube, Instagram, and many more. There are also online applications that you can choose and install on your mobile device.

In addition to games and applications, it turns out that Google also provides several other options such as:


Warungwahana168 – The book in question is not a notebook. But you can buy books on google. The available prices do not use rupiah but use dollars. Entering the book, you can choose the type of books you want, such as ebooks, audiobooks, comics, and children’s. When selecting the available types you will also choose the version of each book you want.


For mothers who want to invite their children to play while learning, you can press the children’s writing on the Google Play Store. There you can choose the type of game that is based on the age of your child. Mothers don’t have to worry about children’s games anymore. Because children’s games that enter Google will be checked and given a sign of agreement by the teacher.

many apps available//choose

Movies or TV

If you want to watch a movie, you can also press Movie and TV. There will be 5 types of film choices that you can choose from: film, tv, family, studio, and tv network. Every movie you are looking for you can find and buy. The value of money used is dollars. So when you want to buy a film you have to provide dollars.

Don’t forget if you want to download a game, first look at the type of download. If you open via cellphone, of course, Google will direct the amount of quota for cellphones. But when using a computer, there will be choices such as windows, mobile phones, tv, tablets, and Chromebooks.