Hidden features of Instagram

Hidden features of Instagram

Hidden features of Instagram

Hidden features of Instagram that you should know about. Instagram is one of the most popular social media for many people. Media that can provide a story and make new friends. Playing Instagram, of course, you can do it with any device. Can be via mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and PCs.

But did you know that Instagram actually has some hidden features? Features that might make you feel at home playing on social media. The available features are:

Filter strength

Every time you want to send pictures and fill in statuses, of course, you need the right filter so that the photo results are not bad. In the usage system, it turns out that you can increase or change the strength of the filter you want. Warungwahana168

Sort and hide

Like changing appearances through filters to make people in photos beautiful and funny. You can set what type of filter you want to use. Arrange the order and hide some that you don’t use. How to sort it by pressing the features you want to save. Press the feature and Drag it to the right screen until it goes to the settings button. Then all you have to do is select the features you want to use.

Added spaces

Adding spaces to Instagram posts is very easy. But adding spaces to posts, of course, you don’t know, do you? To add a space, you can really press the point and then select a number. After that, you can select and press the Back button, and okay.

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Notifications from special ones
Get special notifications from people you like, admire, and are special. Of course, it will make your heart bloom, and can’t wait to find out the news about the person you are waiting for. In order to know all the info about them, you can enter the account of someone you think is special. Then select the three dots at the end of the account after which you select the words to turn post notifications. It is guaranteed that every time you post, you will be the first to know.