How to repair YouTube Videos

How to repair YouTube Videos

How to repair YouTube Videos

When you find out that the video you are watching cannot be played, it will certainly make you disappointed. For ordinary people, of course, there will be confusion when facing a video situation that cannot be played again. To repair the video, you are forced to hire a computer expert to fix it. How to repair YouTube videos is not easy.

You have to know the steps and how to fix it before you can get good video results. Not many people can fix it except for people who work in IT. Of course inviting your IT people will have to spend quite a lot of money. Not only that, you also have to wait a long time in the repair process.

There are several ways to fix YouTube without having to use IT. It can be fixed by first finding out why YouTube videos can’t be played. You have to find out the cause and only then can fix it. Watching YouTube can be done on any device. Can be via laptops, PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Warungwahana168

If when you watch YouTube on your cellphone and the video doesn’t turn on, of course you think your cellphone is damaged. To fix YouTube videos that can’t be played on your cellphone, you can do several steps, such as:

Updating YouTube

If the video doesn’t play, maybe the application you’re using hasn’t been updated. Then the video you watch doesn’t move at all. Then you can update YouTube by going to the Google Play Store. Select YouTube and select the one that says Update or updates. After that, all you have to do is wait a few minutes and it’s done.

Hire IT services//broken videos

Update your browser via mobile. The way you open the Google Play Store and enter Google Chrome. Then select the update text and click . Wait a few minutes, the application has been updated and you can use it.

If all methods have been tried and still fail, you can try restarting your cellphone. this is done to clean up trash and refresh the cellphone again.

If it still doesn’t work, you can try pressing the wifi button. Turn off the wifi first and wait a few moments. After that, activate the wifi and you can immediately watch what you want.