Oppo A16 camera features

Oppo A16 camera features

Oppo A16 camera features

The Oppo A16 camera feature has various types of interesting and sophisticated features. Of course, many people already know about the Oppo A16 mobile phone. A new cellphone has succeeded in making many people replace their old cellphones with new cellphones. Oppo is one of the most popular mobile phone brands.

Every month the Oppo factory always releases lots of new cellphone variants. Of course, gadget lovers don’t want to be left behind to try the new mobile variant presented by Oppo. Oppo A16 is one of the most widely used cellphone series by many people. Even though it looks normal, this Oppo cellphone has several advantages that you might not know about.

Communication tool

Warungwahana168 – Those who already have the A16 series, of course, really understand the contents and how to use oppo cellphones. But not everyone knows about the advantages possessed by this Oppo A16 cellphone. for those of you who want to buy it, you have to know first what advantages this oppo cellphone has.

Mobile is the most important telecommunication tool. Almost the whole world uses mobile phones to communicate and do some buying and selling with mobile phones. Of course, those of you who do a lot of interactions on cellphones will choose a device that is more sophisticated and has a longer battery life.

Here are some of the features found in the Oppo A16, namely:

clear camera//oppo

Outer features

Has a long battery life
There are 5000mah
There is an HD + Eye core screen
Has 3 camera screens
the weight of the cellphone is 190 grams

the advantages inside

It has two types of cellphones with different RAM, namely: 3GB + 32GB RAM, and 4GB + 64GB RAM. You can choose how much storage you want. If you interact a lot with your cellphone, then you can choose the one with large RAM.
Supported by external storage
USB with version 2.0
Can use OTG USB on oppo A16
The screen size of the cellphone is 16.55cm
Has an LCD panel