Satisfying Whatsapp features

Satisfying Whatsapp features

Satisfying Whatsapp features

WhatsApp features to satisfy many users. Whatsapp is an application that is now widely used by many people. Not a few people, but almost the whole world uses WhatsApp to communicate with many people. Sophisticated features have succeeded in making many people addicted.

The first time WhatsApp was present, many doubted its ability. Many think that WhatsApp is just a media application that is fleeting. Since changing cell phones, many people have had difficulty learning the available features. Even so, many think it’s normal.

Most used

Warungwahana168 – Whatsapp is the most important application in many people’s lives. An application that can only be used when there is the internet, it turns out that it has several interesting features that can make its users satisfied. A feature that can help you in all the activities you want.

As we know that WhatsApp is an application that is used privately. Send messages, call and send pictures just for you alone without anyone else knowing. Apart from that, you can also use the status feature on WhatsApp. In the status, you can put videos and also the posts you want to write.

There are also new types of features that will be available on WhatsApp, such as:

chat with whatsapp
see available features//chat with whatsapp

A feature that you can use as your group or group call. A feature that is a shortcut for group call users.

Can see the video directly

By using push notifications. When you get a video message, of course, you have to enter WhatsApp and select the person who sent the video. Now with the new feature of push notifications or often called pop-up notifications, you can easily get notifications and can immediately see the video sent without having to search for the person’s name.


The color display on WhatsApp uses black which is called dark mode. Since the beginning, what apps were present always gave a white appearance. With this new feature, you can enjoy a black screen color.

Favorite contact

Every time we call someone, we have to go to the telephone list and select that number. But with this new feature, you can put your favorite contacts at the top.

QR code

If someone asks for your cellphone number, of course, those of you who don’t remember will open the contact and hand over your number to that person. of course, this makes the storage process so long. Now with your QR code, it’s easy to share your contact info without having to type it.

Besides being able to save contacts, it turns out that WhatsApp can also share many files. We don’t need to send files with the old mode anymore. By using WhatsApp you can send and share files to the destination.


Save contact numbers, of course, you have to open the new telephone application to carry out the contact storage process. It makes you work twice. To make things easy on WhatsApp. You can use WhatsApp and save the number via WhatsApp contacts.