Seller features on Tokopedia

Seller features on Tokopedia

Seller features on Tokopedia

For every will, there is a way. Many say shopping online can make us spend a lot of money. But if the products they offer are of the best quality, why not. It’s the same as what we find on Tokopedia. An online store that offers many types of quality products with many types of discounts and shopping vouchers. If you want to be successful like entrepreneurs, you can start small by selling online through Tokopedia. There are many types of seller features on Tokopedia that we can learn from.

Many types of features are available that can help us sell easily with only help from Tokopedia. Of course, the sellers have been asked by buyers about the types of products they sell. Of course, it makes you confused in answering and explaining the product to the buyer. With the help of the Tokopedia feature, you can help all sellers sell while setting the number and price of products in the online storefront.

Available features

We don’t have to bother anymore to update the types of products every day. It can be done easily without the hassle. The features available for sellers on Tokopedia are: Warungwahana168
When shopping at an online shop, of course, we will choose the type of product based on which variants they sell. You can directly fill in the products you sell at Tokopedia. Install a product that uses only one type with multiple images. Now there’s no need. You can directly enter the variant with many products.

This makes the seller get many benefits such as:

Can be easily found
Many reviews on one product
Setting up variants is faster and easier
Increase product search
By using variants, buyers can easily choose the type of product they want to buy.

Product rater

Product assessment will be a marker of increasing the quality of the products that the sellers sell. If the value obtained is high, it proves that the product being sold is of good quality, and good.
A special product appears
A new feature that Tokopedia has just launched. The presence of this feature hopes that the seller’s target can be achieved and many products are sold and increase the value of the store. Features that appear as special products can make it easy for buyers to find products and can immediately attract buyers.
One of the features that often appears when a buyer asks about a product. A type of chat that can manage incoming messages and also receive new chats. Give a notification when a buyer asks.