Shopee seller features

Shopee seller features

Shopee seller features

Want to have a business but don’t know what to sell and through what? Now there are various types of online shops available. Since the existence of the internet, many entrepreneurs have created an application that can sell online comfortably and easily. There are so many types of online that offer a seller system. For example, one of them is a Shoppe. An online application that has succeeded in printing successful entrepreneurs. There are so many Shopee seller features that can help us to start selling.

As a beginner, of course, this is the first step. There are many types of products that we can sell. Starting from selling food, drinks, some electronic equipment, household needs, and much more. Hearing this, of course, you want to start a Shopee business, don’t you? To start a business at Shopee, you must first know what features they have.

Types of features available

Organize and manage items – Warungwahana168
To start a business the first thing is to set the product and also the number of items. If you want to fill in the product and change the product, you can go to my product on the left side [ when using a laptop or computer].


Entering selling goods does not just enter. You first see the type of product you are selling. Enter the category then select the type of category that matches the product you are selling. The purpose of the category is to make it easier for buyers to enter your store and buy products available in your store.

Sales Process

One of the most helpful features for sellers. When getting the order automatically we have to wrap and ship it. With the help of the sales process, everything becomes easy. Get a notification from Shopee, and we can arrange the delivery you want.

many features that help to sell//details

Shop promotion

Selling and installing attractive products is the main thing. But you sellers must also use the added step so that buyers are interested in buying the product. Use the store promotion feature. Has many types of promotions that you can choose from in the Shopee seller.

Store earnings

Many products that are successfully sold will certainly provide a lot of profit. Sellers can withdraw store earnings by sending them to your account.