Smartphone features that must be owned

Smartphone features that must be owned

Smartphone features that must be owned

Smartphone features that are mandatory and the latest. Since technology, many electronic tools continue to appear. No exception is smartphones which also continue to issue new mobile models. Various types of features continue to add to each cellphone. This is what makes many people want to beautify their mobile phones with a more sophisticated model. Smartphone features that must be owned

Even though there are already many mobile phones that are circulating, you don’t just buy them. Most people buy based on their new models. They don’t see what features they need. To get a cellphone that suits you, of course, you can see some of the mobile catalogs they provide.

There are some features that you likely like and look for on your mobile like:

Face key – Warungwahana168

A safety feature that is most important and often used by users. No one will be able to open it other than the original owner.


If your cellphone is sophisticated, of course, there is a cool locking feature. By using your mobile device fingerprints will not be taken or can be opened by others. To be able to activate it you can enter the settings and select the security key system from the mobile device.

Equipped with a cangih security//type c

Fast charging

One of the most featured features in charging mobile batteries. Faster and more storage power becomes more. Pay attention to the type of cell phone that you will buy. Because not all mobile phones have fast charging features.

Ir Blaster

A feature that can control other devices related to electronics. Besides being able to control other electronic devices, IR Blaster can also be used for facial recognition.


NFC is a feature that is now cooler and more sophisticated. Can be used as a practical and easy payment tool. In addition, NFC can also be used to check data such as toll cards and electronic ID cards.

USB – c

USB – C Data cable that makes you easy. No need to find a hole shape and can be paired directly. Only on certain mobile phones that get a USB cable system – C.

Micro SD

Looking for a large storage area. The latest mobile phone has provided a larger data storage capacity. This can help gamers store and download some of the games they want.