Snack Video Latest feature

Snack Video Latest feature

Snack Video Latest feature

What many people know about video snacks is sharing stories through photos or videos. But don’t know how to add photos or videos in other ways. Usually, people who add photos or videos just choose from the beginning before uploading. This time you will be given the latest way to add videos. Of course, the knowledge that you get is knowledge about adding videos that are personal or that of other people. Here’s how

Make initial videos

Before you add other people’s videos or personal videos, make sure you already have the initial video as a thumbnail. How to make an initial video, you can record it or take it from the photo gallery.

Select Crop Feature

Warungwahana168 – When you enter video trimming, of course, it’s not just cutting videos, you will also be given away to insert someone’s video or your own video from the gallery. This crop feature can insert a video in the middle of the video that you have made.


can be used while playing//application

The nearby feature is a feature where there are viewers or users around you. This feature will increase the number of viewers and the number of followers.

Request a new Post

To increase user connections with creators, you can use the ask for new post feature. Followers who ask you to choose or create new content that you can try. Of course, the requested content themes are different and will likely be the best experience for you. Asking the audience to create content, you certainly don’t need to worry about what content to present. Because the results of the survey will make it easier for you to do it without you having to think for yourself about what content is in demand.

If everything you edited in the snack video is complete, then you need to check the video again so that the results are maximized. There’s nothing wrong with double-checking the edited video.