Tokopedia features

Tokopedia Features

Tokopedia Features

Since the pandemic period, there are so many necessities that we have to buy. Because you can’t leave the house, you have to shop using an online system. This time we will discuss Tokopedia. Online shopping sites turn out to be a lot of types of goods that we can buy. There are many types of features available in Tokopedia.

Many think shopping online will cost a lot of money. But we all know that not all online stores charge high prices. Like Tokopedia, which turns out to have several payment systems that are very profitable for us. There are shopping vouchers that we can use as well as cashback which gives us many benefits.

There are many types of features available on Tokopedia such as:

Sort Warungwahana168
A feature that we can use to sort products by price. The price that will appear first is from the lowest price to the highest price. With this feature, we can determine the price we want to find.
Product Value
It is one of the main things for those of us who want to shop at Tokopedia. Every product sold will get value from the buyers. The higher the value of the product they get, the better the product they sell.
The filter is a feature that can help us choose where we buy. Sometimes when choosing a product many people do not pay attention to the location of the shop owner. This is what makes the postage system very expensive and we can’t shop. But with the filter, we can determine the location and can also determine the price range we want to buy.

Homepage banner

features that help us shop//Home

Tokopedia always provides some interesting offers. To find out the offers and types of discounts, you can look at the banner from Tokopedia. The homepage banner is located at the top of the screen that can be shifted around. Every day we can mock offers from Tokopedia.
Topet play [ Tokopedia play ]
When entering the Tokopedia application, we will see some interesting features with product offerings from Tokopedia. When we want to choose a feature we will find a column that has a moving image with live text. Yes, Tokopedia also has an online selling system where sellers will advertise their products and we can directly choose the types of products they offer.


If you want to shop cheaply then we have to become a member. By becoming a member you will get many benefits such as cashback, free shipping, and so on. This will certainly provide many advantages for Tokopedia users. How become a member does not cost much.

It’s really a very cool feature and can also provide a lot of advantages. Tokopedia also always holds many discounts and interesting programs every day. Make users satisfied shopping at Tokopedia.