What is Canva?

What is Canva?

What is Canva?

canvas is an application or software for making videos or editing good videos and images. For those of you who are new to editing videos and images, the Canva application is perfect for you. In just a matter of minutes, your video will react very well. What is Canva?

Advantages of Canva

Canva, which is often discussed, has several advantages that many people rarely have. People who use Canva when they meet other applications will find it difficult to move. Because almost all of its features provide lots of advantages for creators. Warungwahana168

Here are the advantages of Canva

video editing

Those of you who are going to edit videos can, of course, edit how many minutes of video, give them the shape of a character, or whatever you want. The video that you make can also be a moving combination video. So that sharing photos can become 1 unique video.

Edit Image

For those of you who choose Canva, it’s better if you use a paid one if you want to edit easily and relax. By using Canva Pro, there are no limitations for those of you who will remove the background or edit images with any theme.

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Added Music

Canva can combine several kinds of music in 1 video or 1 image. If you want to use 1 video with some music, you can still. Of course, adding music has limitations, so you have to be smart about managing videos. Not only music can be added to this application, but recorded sound can also be combined in image/video editing.

Kinds of moving animation

What is meant by moving animation is the style of the video or image that will be watched later. Even if you use regular Canva, there are still various animation options that you can use. This animation is similar to using MS. Powerpoint.

Various kinds of text forms

The thing most creators look forward to is the form of text. The more unique the shape of the text, the more users. If you want varied text then you should become a Canva Pro member.

Change Background

When using other applications, it certainly won’t be as easy as Canva. There are some difficulties when editing images or videos while using other applications.