WhatsApp Business Features

WhatsApp Business Features

WhatsApp Business Features

Whatsapp is not only one type, there are several types that you can do, namely WhatsApp, WhatsApp business, and WhatsApp GB. This time we will discuss what are the advantages and features of WhatsApp business.

Whatsapp Business is a conversation that is usually carried out by people who have a business, whether it is a small or large business. Using the features of WhatsApp for your business, you can get lots of advantages, such as


Warungwahana168 – On WhatsApp business, there is a catalog on which you can put your sales products on. Determine what products you sell and the price so buyers can choose easily. In the record, there are baskets that can be placed.

Operational hour

Not only do stores have operating hours, but those of you who sell online also have operating hours. Of course, any day and time can be set according to your habits.

Reply to Quick Messages

There are several steps in selling//start chatting

Give messages quickly so that buyers do not wait long. Give polite and friendly replies so that your buyers are not afraid to shop at your place.

Self Profile
On WhatsApp, you can fill in your profile, and put your email, shop/office address, and website if available. Fill in your profile address entirely and clearly so that buyers can contact you.

New Group

If you want to put your sales group on WhatsApp business, of course, you can do it. To attract buyers, of course, there’s nothing wrong with you creating a special group of people who will make purchases.

Complete the profile on your business WhatsApp so you can easily make purchases. Attracting buyers is of course not easy, for those of you who are going to complete your profile on WhatsApp business can easily attract buyers. Whatsapp business will make it easy for you to achieve income that continues to increase.