YouTube Hidden Features part1

YouTube Hidden Features part1

YouTube Hidden Features part1

YouTube hidden features no one has ever suspected that in the YouTube application there is a feature that is rarely known by many people. Applications that are now the most frequently used needs. Many use it as a learning tool and also as an audio visual.

Through YouTube, everyone can also listen to songs from the musicians they want. You can see various types of activities only through YouTube. Without you realizing that YouTube actually consumes more of your internet data. However, they still choose YouTube as the best application.

In addition to providing various types of shows and songs, YouTube also has a hidden feature. Features that turn out to have unexpected abilities that you can use include:

Save videos offline on mobile

Warungwahana168 – When watching YouTube, of course, you have experienced the name running out of credit, right? Because you often run out of credit, you can only watch when you have wifi. Want to watch offline but don’t know how to save the video? No need to worry because on YouTube we can watch offline via cellphones without using the internet.

learn the advantages of YouTube//shorts

How to enter the YouTube application on your cellphone. Then select the video you want to watch. In the video section, there is a dot 3, you click and select download. Then the video will be saved automatically. You can enjoy videos on YouTube without having to use the internet again.

Shortcuts using the keyboard

It turns out that if you want to watch YouTube, you can use the keyboard on your computer. Did you know that when we are watching YouTube, shortcuts are very useful for us? Of course, those of you who are watching YouTube will find it easily without having to use the cursor again. Here are the steps:
To start and stop watching you use the space key on the keyboard
If you want the movie you are watching to advance or rewind, you can use the right and left arrows
The sound of the video is too small and too big, you can choose the up and down arrows
You can replay a lot of stories during the movie playback by pressing 0.