YouTube hidden features part2

YouTube hidden features part2

YouTube hidden features part2

In addition to being able to manage watching movies and saving videos, it turns out that there are other features available on YouTube. Of course, you can’t wait to find out what hidden features you can use when watching YouTube. YouTube hidden features part2

Some additional features that you can use are:

Add translator text – Warungwahana168

When you are watching YouTube videos, of course, you have problems with the language. As we know that YouTube is used by almost the whole world. It’s no wonder that later when watching videos you will listen to many many languages. If in watching you don’t know what it means, you can translate the language. In watching YouTube you can turn on the translator just by pressing the bottom right corner in the YouTube section.
Select the language you know and click. Then the translator will come out. In addition, you can also adjust the size and color of the text on YouTube.

Play videos at the time you want

Easy watching without complicated//step

When you watch and find a unique video, of course, you will share the story with your friends. But what if the funny thing is only in the middle? Of course, sharing the video will be too long. So that you can share funny videos with a fixed duration, you can share the link how: take the link and add minutes and seconds behind the link. Once added, you can copy the link and share it with friends.

Download many songs on YouTube

Since knowing that YouTube has music, many people enjoy songs more relaxed. It’s just that enjoying songs on the internet will consume data. To be able to enjoy the song, you can download the song you want via YouTube music. YouTube music can accept downloads of more than 300 songs. And you can enjoy the song without having to use the internet. To download songs you can do at night. But the internet must be on for the music download to be successful,